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You hired great people, your business is running fine, you are making progress towards your goals, so why would you need to engage an outside company?
Some interesting and very telling comments we hear from our client senior execs are:


  • "Why don’t we have the agility, ethos and get-go we had in the early days when there were ten of us?" 

  • "Why do we take so long to change things around here?"

  • "We have become siloed, stratified and self limiting in a market that changes on a dime!" 


In most cases structural complexity proliferates as a natural consequence of a company’s success. Processes become entrenched "We have always done it that way"  or teams and processes evolve and operate in protection mode. 

Our services are for businesses who are at a moment of significant change, embarking on a transformation journey and want to make a difference to quality, competitiveness and their workforce engagement.

Can you have the numbers, complexity and still have the flexibility, we know you can.


At P4 we listen, record and analyse your business as a whole, focusing on processes, culture, skills and then customise a solutions that fits a single project or long term change goal.


Like you, we are committed to making profit, however this needs to be sustainable, inclusive and achievable.

Business Meeting
Team Meeting

At P4 we  offer our support in three areas of business development with a focus on driving revenue and adding value to your business, working with you to.

  1. Planning

    1. Develop a meaningful planning that is understood throughout your organisation. 

    2. Provide an outside perspective in this process will bring fresh ideas and challenge existing norms.

    3. Provide hard facts, and not on what might have worked in the past. With dynamic markets , what worked in the past has no guarantee of working in the future.

    4. Our aim is to define your needs so that you're using limited resources in the most effective manner.

  2. Tune and fix Process and structure (Reduce Complexity)

    1. Reduce excess complexity, this may look different from one company to the another, but they are all related to some standard root causes.

    2. Identify root causes by forensic examination of the business your processes and its structure.

    3. Discover internal structure duplication or circular processes that have little or no value.

    4. Reduce and tune processes so we, do it only once, and do it in the right way.​

  3. Introducing new  technology 

    1. As business tools become cheaper, they become more attractive.

    2. These tools  let you use technology to automate many of your business process.

    3. But you need to have clear processes first before you can manage them with these tools.  

Call us, drop an email or send us a chat, with some details of your needs.

We will respond with a no obligation response on how P4 can help grow or improve your business or organisation.


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